Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

- We will protect and nurture the natural environment.

- We will continuously pursue customer satisfaction.

- We will be both creative and proactive.

In the 21st century, the development of humanity originates from harmony with nature.
We will aim to be a company that protects nature and treats it well, contributing to the creation of a beautiful and rich natural environment.
To do so, each of our employees will enthusiastically take care of, protect, and nurture the environment surrounding humans through the ethos of “humanity.”

Our company’s growth in the 21st century originates from putting first priority on customer satisfaction, offering facilities which satisfy customers, and continuing to be a company that is always welcomed with a smile and sense of reassurance, and we will aim to be a company capable of offering reliable price and quality by continuing self-development and upgrading our technological capabilities.

We will always strive to create new value, and work creatively and proactively to create a fresh and vigorous corporate culture.

Corporate Behavior Charter

We, as a company engaging in overall building services including electrical equipment work, are aware of our social responsibility and act accordingly with proper social awareness and understanding based on high ethical standards.

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We comply with relevant laws and regulations, conduct corporate activities in a fair and honest manner in line with the purpose of the legislation, and live up to society's trust.

2. Promotion of Harmony with Society

We proactively listen to society's opinions, provide for wide ranging, timely, and proper disclosure of necessary corporate information, and promote communication with society as an open-minded company.

3. Coexistence with Local Communities

We, as a good corporate citizen, promote exchange with local communities and use our best efforts to contribute to society through the participation in community activities.

4. Proactive Challenge for Environment Preservation

We conduct corporate activities with due consideration of environmental preservation and contribute to building a sustainable society in harmony with the environment and the economy.

5. Ensuring of Customer Confidence

We provide products and services that meet customer needs and accurate information about thereof protect and manage customer information properly, and aim to become a company that can gain customer trust.

6. Retaining Fairness and Transparency in Transactions

We strive to establish business transactions in accordance with fair play rules, develop a relationship of trust with our customers through smooth communication and thus contribute to mutual development.

7. Employee-Friendly Company

We respect our employees’ human rights and respect their individual characteristics and maximize their drive and ability without committing unjust discrimination.

8. Voluntary Disclosure

We disclose information in a timely and proper manner to our customers, shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders.

9. Honest Corporate Structure

We maintain a sound and normal relationship to politics and government and do not engage in bribes, illegal political donations, or giving of benefits. In addition, we take firm action against all antisocial groups (whether individuals or organizations) that adversely affect social order and the company's sound economic activities.

10. Contribution to Development of Relevant Countries and Regions

We, in the course of developing international businesses, comply with the laws and regulations of applicable countries and regions, respect their cultures and customs, and contribute to local development.